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Association of Career and Technical Educators (ACTE) Techniques Article (January 2004 - UNITED STATES)

Association of Career and Technical Educators (ACTE) Techniques Research Report (May 2009 - UNITED STATES)

American School Counselors Association Journal Article (UNITED STATES)

Career Management Paradigm Shift: Prosperity for Citizens, Windfalls for Governments (CANADA)
Addresses the economic and human consequences of failing to equip citizens to become self-reliant career managers.

The North American Career Development Partnership: Experiment in International Collaboration

Managing Life, Learning and Work in the 21st Century (AUSTRALIA)
Addresses issues informing the design of the Australian Blueprint for career development.

Investing in Career (UNITED KINGDOM) Addresses the economic implications of investments in
career development.

The Real Game Series: Helping Students Imagine Their Future (UNITED STATES)
Chapter from 21st Century School Counselor.

Educators Use Career "Games" To Teach Lifelong Career Management (CANADA)
Canadian Education Association

Connecting Talent and Opportunity: CANADA'S Foremost Economic and Social Challenge

Career Management Skills: Keys to a Great Career and a Great Life (CANADA)

Alberta Counsellor Article (CANADA)

The Real Game Story Roots of The Real Game Series: An unprecedented international collaboration.

Experiential Learning and Students' Performance (UNITED STATES)

The Real Game Hooks Student Engagement (UNITED STATES)

The Relevance of Counseling in Middle School (UNITED STATES)