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Now played by hundreds of thousands of students annually these are the most popular and engaging experiential career exploration and navigation programs in the world.

In facilitated groups, players travel to the future and imagine themselves as adults with lives and careers. They purchase homes and cars, create virtual communities, budget money and time, juggle work, home and leisure responsibilities, always linking adult realities to educational achievement. They return to the present with visions of the future they want to create for themselves, and become more intentional and purposeful in school and life.

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The Blueprint is Canada’s national learning outcome framework of the competencies (skills, knowledge and attitudes) citizens of all ages need to improve lifelong to prosper in career and life in the 21st century. The Blueprint is a companion piece to the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Practitioners for career professionals.

The Blueprint has its origins in the U.S. National Career Development Guidelines. Career, curriculum and human resources specialists in public and private agencies from every region of Canada collaborated for over a decade to produce the Blueprint, which continues to evolve. The Australian Blueprint for Career Development is modelled on Canada’s Blueprint. Other countries are moving to create their own national frameworks of career management competencies based on the work of U.S. Canadian and Australian pioneers.

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“It’s not if you are smart, it’s how”

These programs help young people discover their “smarts” – the many ways we express our intelligence – and show how smarts can lead to satisfying life and work choices.  Inspired by Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, Smart Options and Smart Options Plus increase participants’ self esteem and give them a conceptual and practical framework for enriching their lives and shaping their futures. Both programs ignite self-direction, are intuitive, free of jargon and require no training by those who deliver them. Due to their short time demands and flexibility they are readily incorporated into school curricula. They are deliverable by one or more teachers, and students can do them independently or in groups. Parents can help their children.

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Destination 2020 (This program is no longer available)

Competencies Plus focuses on the discovery, recognition and application of essential skills in the work and personal lives of all citizens in the 21st century. Its goal is to raise awareness of the importance of essential skills and encourage their application, particularly by job seekers, job changers, immigrants, aboriginal peoples and those in the correctional system. It is also valuable as a resource for employers for employee training and development.

Competencies Plus was created by National LifeWork Centre with the support of the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. The program was piloted in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec then enhanced based on feedback from participants and facilitators.

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