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Phillip S. Jarvis

Phil Jarvis is NLWC’s Vice President for Global Partnerships. A graduate of the Royal Military College, Phil authored the CHOICES computerized career system (now Xap/Bridges Transitions), and initiated Canada’s national career tabloid, Canada Prospects.

He co-authored the Blueprint for Life/Work Designs, was founding national coordinator of the Canada Career Information Partnership, was founding president of Canada WorkinfoNet, and is co-creator and international partnership coordinator for The Real Game Series. He was a lead author of the ground-breaking new digital editions of The Real Game for grades 6-9 (2008) and The Be Real Game for grades 10-16+ (2010).

Phil has been at the leading edge of development of career resources and programs now used by millions of youth and adults annually across Canada, the United States, and around the world. He speaks to the personal, social and economic costs of adhering to an outdated vocational guidance mindset, and the need to equip citizens with the “meta competencies” demanded by the 21st century workplace. 

He is a passionate advocate for more engaging, imaginative approaches to helping people visualize and construct, with intentionality and purpose, the life they want to live. He is warning of a looming “perfect talent storm” as Canada faces at least two decades of too few skilled workers and to many unfilled job vacancies.

Among other honours, he is a proud recipient of the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee Contributors Award in the United States in 1988, and the Stu Conger Award (1999) and the Stu Conger Gold Medal (2004) for national leadership in Canada in career development and management.

Phillip S. Jarvis, Vice President Global Partnerships, National Life/Work Centre, 488 Central Street, Memramcook, NB  E4K 3S6  Tel: (506) 758-0306 Email: psjarvis@lifework.ca

Jean-Paul Léger

Jean-Paul Leger, Director of Operations Jean-Paul joined the National Life/Work Centre in 1994 and acts as Director of Operations. Among his many tasks,Jean-Paul oversees the daily activities as well as the development and establishment of all technical support/data processing of the Centre and of its projects.

He also manages the distribution of the Centre's products and programs, its financial planning and contract management. Before joining the team, Jean-Paul occupied several positions where he demonstrated his management and computer competencies.

Jean-Paul Léger, Director of Operations, National Life/Work Centre, Memramcook Institute, 488 Centrale Street Memramcook, NB E4K 3S6 Tel: (506) 758-0304 Fax: (506) 758-0353 Email: jpleger@nlwc.ca

Mark Jaillet

Mark joined the National Life/Work Centre team in September 2002. He brings many years of experience to the customer service department. His humorous nature combined with his outlook on life, never fail to put customers at ease. No task is too big or small for him to undertake. Always wanting to take the biggest bite out of life, Mark is an avid kayaker and mountain climber.

Mark Jaillet, Customer Service, National Life/Work Centre, Memramcook Institute, 488 Centrale Street, Memramcook, NB E4K 3S6 Tel.: 1-888-533-5683 Fax: (506) 758-0353 Email: mjaillet@nlwc.ca