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Now played by hundreds of thousands of students annually these are the most popular and engaging experiential career exploration and navigation programs in the world.

In facilitated groups, players travel to the future and imagine themselves as adults with lives and careers. They purchase homes and cars, create virtual communities, budget money and time, juggle work, home and leisure responsibilities, always linking adult realities to educational achievement. They return to the present with visions of the future they want to create for themselves, and become more intentional and purposeful in school and life.

The Play Real Game:
Living and working in a community
Grades 3 & 4 (Ages 8-10)

The Make It Real Game: Working in a small company engaged in international business
Grades 5 & 6 (Ages 10-12)

The Real Game: Making ends meet and prospering in adult life and work
Grades 7 to 9 (Ages 12-15) NEW Digital Edition FREE 14-day trial

The Be Real Game: Balancing work, family, leisure and community and preparing for the transition from school to career
Grades 10+ (Ages 15-25) NEW Digital Edition FREE 14-day trial


New Be Real Digital Edition
A new release of Be Real Digital (grades 10-16+) went "live" in April. It includes enhancements based on suggestions from students and teachers during the October-December 2009 national pilot. Highlights include:

  • Amazingly realistic new online activities for students, such as My Career Path, My Lifestyle Choices, My Life/Work Balance, My Monthly Budget and many more.
  • Dramatically enhanced financial literacy, experiential learning and character education components and links.
  • Students select the Role Paths that they will role play in Unit 1 of the program. They can browse as many roles as they wish prior to embarking on their character's career path.
  • All Role Path Matrix elements have been reformatted in a more appealing design and pictures and video links have been added to all role histories and job role profiles.
  • An interactive Role Path Matrix has been added so facilitators can easily view any of the six elements of each of the 60 career paths available to their students to experience.
  • New print functionality has been added making it easy for facilitators and students to print any components of the program they wish.

Be Real Digital is a "must see" for anyone helping youth from 15-25 years of age imagine the future they want to create for themselves. This new program merges the best features of earlier hard-copy editions of The Be Real and The Get Real Game into one super secondary/post-secondary program which actually requires less face-to-face group time then either of its predecessors.
FREE 14-day trial

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