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New Pilot Report
Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board
in Ontario piloted the digital edition of The Real Game from March through May 2010. With feedback from 261 students, 9 teachers and
121 parents, all three groups agree this program should be part of the curriculum for all students. View 4-page Pilot Report

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June 24, 2010 - Dr. Sally Gelardin of Careerwell interviews NLWC VP Phil Jarvis. Jarvis describes the impending "Perfect Talent Storm" and discusses how career practitioners can help their clients weather the storm. For information on the Careerwell Tele-interview series start the video bellow. For an overview of the Jarvis interview click: <http://campus.digication.com/careerwell/6_24_10_Phil_Jarvis/published> .

New University of Michigan Research
How do you get students to do their homework? Help them shape a positive but realistic image of themselves as successful adults. (Tom Jacobs, Miller-McCune.com). "Kids are much like adults: They're not going to work hard unless they envision some sort of payoff." This new research demonstrates a link between schoolwork, grades and the vision kids have of themselves as happy, successful adults. It suggests that rather than berating them for bad grades, it would be far more productive to help them shape that vision and understand the direct connection between effort today and success tomorrow. These are primary outcomes of all programs in The Real Game Series.
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New Be Real Digital Edition
A new release of Be Real Digital (grades 10-16+) went "live" in April. It includes enhancements based on suggestions from students and teachers during the October-December 2009 national pilot. Highlights include:

Be Real Digital is a "must see" for anyone helping youth from 15-25 years of age imagine the future they want to create for themselves. This new program merges the best features of earlier hard-copy editions of The Be Real and The Get Real Game into one super secondary/post-secondary program which actually requires less face-to-face group time then either of its predecessors.
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New Real Game - Indigenous and Northern Edition
NLWC is proud to be collaborating with Classroom Connections in developing a new edition of The Real Game for aboriginal and northern communities. The Real Game - Indigenous and Northern Edition is being piloted and adapted with selected aboriginal communities across Canada through 2010. It will be available April 1, 2011 through a new National Toolkit Portal being constructed in partnership with Taking It Global. Also available through the National Toolkit Portal will be Prelude from Heliotrope.ca, Guiding Circles from the Aboriginal Human Resources Council and resiliency measures from Resiliency Canada.

4. New Logo, Website and LifeWork Imaginings

New National LifeWork Centre Logo
new logo

NLWC views career navigation as the lifelong quest to balance satisfying, fulfilling work with leisure, learning, relationships and meaning-making in a full, authentic, evolving life journey. Surveys indicate the biggest sources of stress for adults are work and money, with LifeWork balance being a major challenge. Our new logo shows life and work in balance.

New NLWC Website

NLWC’s new website brings all of our products to one easy-to-access portal. It includes a new media section with tutorials, videos, research reports and articles on our products from around the world.

Please visit, and see why we are so proud of our new http://www.lifework.ca

New LifeWork Imaginings
With our new logo and website, NLWC is introducing a new format for LifeWork Imaginings, our seasonal e-newsletter. We invite you to check out the Spring 2010 edition of LifeWork Imaginings.

NLWC is grateful to Dale Ritchie, President of McKenzie College in Moncton, NB for his support and that of McKenzie faculty and students in creating our new logo, web presence and e-newsletter. We are especially grateful to McKenzie College interns Nikki Durant and Marsha Dort for moving these from concept to reality. We would also like to thank Courtney Donnelly and Melanie Parent for providing the beautiful layout for our new site.